Dr. Mark Joachim, a native of New Bedford, Massachusetts, graduated from Southeastern Massachusetts University in North Dartmouth with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

Dr. Joachim earned his doctorate at the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois. In addition to his doctorate, he also received a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology.

While attending National College, Dr. Joachim also held a teaching position in the Physiological Therapeutic Department, and completed his internship at the College’s on-campus clinic.

Currently, he is a diplomat of the National Board of Examiners and is board certified by the Education Departments of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

Prior to relocating to Norwalk, Dr. Joachim was clinic director of a private practice in Fall River, Massachusetts, and held associate positions in New Haven and Milford, Connecticut.

Dr. Joachim is currently the ONLY doctor in Connecticut with advanced certification in the BioSET® allergy elimination technique.

Along with his wife, Dr. Risa Sloves, they have been in practice in Norwalk, CT for 15 years, building a very diverse practice with many different specialties, “so we are able to take care of patients of all ages and abilities.”

What IS BioSET?

BioSET® is a new system for healing. It blends together medical disciplines of east and west in a unique new combination developed by Dr. Ellen Cutler, a medical doctor, chiropractic physician and a naturopathic physician.

Through Dr. Cutler’s clinical research, she developed principles that became a tested set of protocols. These protocols combine the beneficial aspects of:

• chiropractic
• acupuncture theory
• homeopathic therapeutics
• nutrition
• enzyme therapy
• muscle testing
• electromagnetic testing
• allergy/sensitivity testing and elimination

In other words, BioSET® is a complete, 21st century technology healing system, including allergy treatment. With BioSET®, you will be embarking upon a path of healing that will eliminate chronic health problems, and most importantly, provide you with the necessary tools for reaching optimal health.

Local newspaper article about Dr. Joachim and his Allergy Elimination technique.

Article written by Dr. Joachim for Natural Awakenings magazine.

Did You Know…?

“Your body is home to literally trillions of bacteria, and there are 500 different species of bacteria comprising that population. The ideal balance of bacteria is 85% good to 15% bad.

In fact, we can have 100 trillion microorganisms, more than the total number of cells in our body, living and flourishing in our gastrointestinal tract, keeping them in proper balance. It is one of the primary keys to proper health and immune system function.”

From Dr. Joachim’s new ebook, “How To Stop Suffering From Food Sensitivities, ‘Allergies,’ and Digestion Problems.” Download it now! FREE!

From a Patient

“I brought my son, Bobby, in because of allergies which were a daily battle. The only way to deal with them was through avoidance. It took only 2 months of care to notice a reduction in allergy related symptoms. The treatment was very easy, quick, comfortable, no discomfort or pain, in a friendly and caring environment. This works!”
– Julie Z. Greenwich, CT